Site of 1840 Indian Massacre
Gadsden County, Florida

Observations and Conclusions:
At sun rise on the morning of April 10th. 1840 the McLane Family consisted of a father, mother Nancy Jane, a grown son John, his sister Katherine, a toddler and an infant. When the sun set after a horrific day the family now consisted of the father and son John. The day begin in the Mclane household like any other day; The father had business to attend to in nearby Quincy, mother Nancy Jane went about her household chores and tending to her two small children with the help of Katherine her 13 year old daughter. Son John age 19 outside chopping wood heard a noise in the nearby woods.....then he saw them! INDIANS!! he quickly runs into the cabin to warn and protect his family. Mother Nancy in a desperate attempt to escape with her young children climbed out a window and headed to the banks of the Telogia River. John armed with a shot gun inside the cabin heard a scream then shots fired out.....Then all was quiet.................Big Bend Ghost Trackers arrived at the site of the massacre deep in the woods where a concrete movement had been placed to serve as a memorial to its victims. As darkness descended on us we each became lost in our thoughts of the events that had occurred 164 years ago. From time to time we felt as if we were being watched. We also felt an atmosphere of great mistrust and fear. One member was able to communicate briefly with the spirit of a little girl near a tree; when a picture was snapped a small orb was captured "peaking" out from the same tree with another more prominent orb nearby. Was this her ma or could this be her big sister watching protectively over her? As BBGT members attempted additional communication another prominent orb was captured hovering over BBGT members as they sightly meditated over the concrete memorial. As the hour grew late and a visit to the grave sites were planned. BBGT said our goodbye and thank you's to the Mclane's for their cooperation then we walked away in referent silence. Based upon our experience at this site we believe there is some residual from the tragic event.

Who was there?
Four Ghost Trackers one guest and one film director