John Denham B&B
Palmer Mill Road
Monticello, Florida

The Ghost Trackers arrived at the old 1872 Inn with all it's charm and elegance at the request of the innkeeper. We soon retreated to our assigned room......The haunted Blue Room . Having investigated the inn previously we were all full of anticipation as we begin collecting base line data and setting up video cameras. We begin our task at hand. After capturing an orb here and there we decided to take a break and visit with the other inns guest to await the bewitching hour with video cameras rolling we quietly left the room.

Returning a couple of hours later after treating the inns guest to the Haunted History Walking Tour through the eerie and ghostly streets of Monticello we resumed our investigation. We were able to establish "cold spots" and sudden temperature drops.

Ghost Tracker Betty and Jessica was able to communicate briefly with the ghostly spirits of a man and a woman. The man seemed dominant and the woman seemed meek. Could this be "Aunt Sarah" the ghost that is thought to haunt the blue room and her secret lover .....? Perhaps they are still meeting in "Aunt Sarah's" room; or perhaps this was John Denham himself and this was a mistress of his. We also briefly got an active EMF detector reading on two occasions . During the early morning hours the Ghost Trackers was able to get some much needed sleep with the unanimous belief we were not the only "guest"
in the room.

Conclusion: The Ghosts of the John Denham House are all still ...well.....not exactly well and alive... but around and active and with the unexplained knocks we heard they might possibly also be kickin!

Who Was There? Betty, Vylanda, Michelle, Jessica and Megen

Thanks once again to Inn Keeper Pat for the opportunity to investigate your ghosts